Kinetik 8-in Threaded Tube (Gr9 Ti) Set


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Kinetik 8in 1.625" Threaded Tube (Straight Wall)- The industry standard in precision and quality at a price that anyone can afford!

Setting the Bar: Firearms are tools built to very exacting specifications, the tools we use to clean them should be built to these same expectations. Kinetik offers unmatched quality, precision, and craftsmanship at a price that anyone can afford.

Materials: Choosing only the highest quality materials, these tubes are made from Grade 9 Titanium. Incredibly light weight and strength allow of years of worry-free cleaning!

Precision: Ensuring that every tube is dimensionally true to the drawings is vitally important for final fit and finish. Advanced CNC machining tolerances are +/- .05mm, thinner than the average human hair!


Kinetik 8" Threaded Tube:

Material: Grade 9 Titanium

Overall Length: 8”

OD: 1.625”

ID: 1.502”

Wall Thickness (Main Tube): .0615”

End Threads (Both): 1.529-24 tpi

Weight: 8.36oz (237g)


Kinetik 1.625 to ASR Thread Adapter:

Material: Grade 5 Titanium

OD: 1.625”

Fitment: 1.625 Tubes / ASR Threaded Adapters

Adapter Threads (Outer): 1.529-24 tpi

Adapter Threads (Inner): (ASR) 1.375-24 tpi

Weight: .10 lbs (40g)

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